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Harper’s responsibility: maintaining a safe fun learning environment for the children. Once your child is registered, rest assured that a great job will be done to keep your child safe, fed, cleaned, learning & engaged. We have been providing care for the past 15 years, a true dedication to children.

With that said:

Upon registration, please keep the line of communication real & open. Requests, requirements and expectations should be non contradicting, as we strive towards the best interest of a collective group. At morning drop-off, if you have any concerns /questions, please let us know. During the day if there is a cause of concern and it’s not an emergency, you will be informed at pick-up time. ( e.g no naps, playtime, runny nose, feedings, etc.)

If nothing is said, no questions asked, all is well. Your child is fine & doing great.

Please be reminded, when your child enters into our care, allow time for development, according to the  “age appropriate” Child Development Chart. For potty training, if your child no longer wear pampers but is likely to have an accident. We encourage & help in the process. Please supply a clean set of clothing as children sometimes have learning accidents. It all depends on the age & awareness of that individual child.

It is also a natural human thing to wonder if a child is learning, socializing, eating, drinking, hurts themselves, potty training etc. while they are in care. We are aware of your potential concerns and work with you to alleviate them. Please feel free during the day, to call:-718-778-2136, outdoors        347-314-1338, e-mail:- [email protected] or schedule an appointment for discussion.

Out of care, we encourage safety, a healthy feeding habit, bedtime reading, children’s music, potty training & lots of extracurricular activities, in or outdoors, to ensure a well rounded child.

Parental influence is a child's best friend, it helps your child develop and enhance their own personality

Please note that fees can be customized for your care, depending on extra requests or requirements.

Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to working with you, to keep your child safe, engaged, healthy and happy.



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