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                                            Registration is Easy

The registration process of a new child begins with a visit to the Day Care by the parent.

At Harper's we schedule your initial visit, hassle free, after 6 p.m only.

At that visit, you may bring your guests, feel free to look around & ask all the questions needed to make an informed decision about care.

If you wish to visit while children are in care, D.O.H requires ALL CHILDREN who attend day care to have an updated MEDICAL on file.  

For a scheduled in care visit with your child, we ask that you  also show an UPDATED MEDICAL, as your child will be interacting with others.

Please be prepared to log yourself in with proper ID, as it is against day care policies & a Dept. of Health Violation to allow unlogged visits while children are in care.

Visits can only be ten minutes, as longer visits can be a distraction to the children and to the program.

Please DO NOT take pictures of day care or other children in care on your visit, as your child is not yet registered.

Please DO NOT call to schedule an intial in care visit without following the proper procedures.

Only the parents of REGISTERED children can sit in, until their child feels comfortable.

It is the responsibility of the Provider to provide safe, quality care for registered children.

We are inspected, regulated and licensed by the Dept. of Health and supervised by other agencies

 to ensure a safe environment for your child. It is the provider's obligation to follow such protocol.

Please rest assured, that the safety and well being of your child is just as important to the provider as it is the parent. For your peace of mind, we keep safety in our thoughts on our daily routine.




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